桃色 Colour Blossoms
Hong Kong 2004 Color 35mm 106’
台北8/12(五) 19:30 8/12(五) 22:00 8/20(六)22:00
桃園9/1(四) 18:30
One day, property agent Meili has two strange encounters; Madam Umeki, a mysterious Japanese high society lady who asks her to lease out a luxurious abandoned apartment on her behalf. On this fateful day, she also discovers the man of her dreams, policeman 4708. While Meili takes potential tenants to the apartment, she meets a young photographer, Kim. Whom she cannot help but fall in love with. Later, Meili is astonished to discover Kim was the ex-lover of the young Madam Umeki. The complex relationship between the color blossoms develops to be even more intriguing....
戲曲歌謠Ballads of days gone by
江山美人 The Kingdom And The Beauty
導演:李翰祥 音樂:王純、林聲翕
Hong Kong 1958 Color 35mm 96’
台北8/17(三)17:00 8/20(六)12:00 8/23(二)12:00
Emperor Zhengde of Ming Dynasty met Li Feng and fell in love with each other when he travelled to the south of Yangtze. Before Zhengde back to Beijing, he pledged that he would send an order to marry her when he arrived in Beijing. Upon his return Zhengde was silenced by his mother's sternness. Soon Li was out of his mind. A year later Li gave birth to a son, which made her the subject of gossip among the town dwellers. She soon fell sick of depression. Three years had passed and still Li could hear nothing from the capital…
梁山伯與祝英台 The Love Eterne
導演:李翰祥 音樂:周藍萍
Hong Kong 1963 Color 35mm 100’
台北8/14(日)12:00 8/23(二)22:00
Ying-Tai is a young woman eager to break free from her sheltered life but as a girl she is not allowed to study. However Ying-Tai convinces her parents to allow her to move to school in a near-by city disguised as a boy and on the way there she meets Liang Shan-bo, a fellow student on the way to the same institution, and they fast become great friends. However Ying-Tai gradually finds herself falling in love with Shan-bo and therein begins the tragedy.
金玉良緣紅樓夢 The Dream Of The Red Chamber
導演:李翰祥 音樂:王福齡
Hong Kong 1977 Color 35mm 108’
台北8/13(六)12:00 8/18(四)22:00 8/26(五)17:00
Li han-hisang's adaptation of the classic Qing Dynasty novel will take viewers to the heightened pleasures of love and the despairing depths of betrayal. Timeless beauty Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia appears as Chia Pao-yu in her first attempt at a gender-bending role, an art she will wield complete mastery over in later films. Pao-yu is in love with his cousin, Lin Tai-yu, but his family has other marital plans for him that will leave both broken-hearted.
大紅燈籠高高掛 Raise the Red Lantern
導演:張藝謀 音樂:趙季平
China∕Hong Kong ∕Taiwan 1991 Color 35mm 125’
台北8/14(日)14:30 8/24(三)22:00
The old master of a powerful family in 1920's China supports three wives. Each has her own house within the closed world of the family compound, where every evening a red lantern is lit in front of the door of the wife with whom the master chooses to sleep. Let the rivalries begin...
霸王別姬 Farewell My Concubine
導演:陳凱歌 音樂:趙季平
China∕Hong Kong 1993 Color 35mm 171’
台北8/13(六) 22:00 8/19(五)22:00
Cheng Dieyi and Duan Xiaolou grow up enduring the harsh training of the Peking Opera Academy. As the two boys mature, they develop complementary talents: Dieyi, with his fine, delicate features, assumes the female roles while the burlier Xiaolou plays masculine warlords. Their dramatic identities become real for Dieyi when he falls in love with Xiaolou; the resolutely heterosexual Xiaolou, however, marries a courtesan, Juxian, creating a dangerous, jealousy-filled romantic triangle.
夜奔 Fleeing by Night
導演:徐立功、尹祺 音樂:鮑比達
Taiwan 2000 Color 35mm 123’
台北8/14(日)22:00 8/20(六)17:00
Set in China in the 1930s. Ing'er, the daughter of a theater owner, welcomes the return of Shao-dung, her fiancee and a fine cellist, from America. Shao-dung soon finds himself captivated by the opera "Fleeing By Night" and its celebrated actor Lin Chung, whose voice seems to articulate something within himself. While Shao-dung attempts to blend eastern and western music, Ing'er becomes torn between her affection for both men and an awareness of the growing intimacy between them.
鍾無艷 Wu Yen
導演:杜琪峰、韋家輝 音樂:倫永亮
Hong Kong 2001 Color 35mm 95’
台北8/13(六) 17:00 8/21(日)22:00
Based on a Chinese folktale. Emperor Qi, the male ruler of an ancient kingdom overrun by warring tribes. Qi is set to marry the warrior-heroine Wu Yen when a mischievous, bisexual sorceress known as Yin Chun falls in love with both of them and begins meddling in their affairs. Yin Chun's efforts include everything from disfiguring Wu Yen with a facial deformity to seducing the lovers in both male and female guises, resulting in a comic love triangle of fantastical proportions.
遊園驚夢 Peony Pavilion
導演:楊凡 音樂:倫永亮
Hong Kong 2001 Color 35mm 120’
台北8/13(六) 14:30 8/14(日)19:30 8/24(三)19:30
桃園9/3(六) 18:30
Suzhou, 1930’s. The famous actress Cuihua marries into an aristocratic family as a concubine. She is unduly neglected and despised, but the assistant majordomo is secretly in love with her. Ronglan’s family has fallen from grace, so she makes up her mind to become a modern woman and make her own living. She is determined to dedicate herself to the country, only to find herself bewitched by the free-spirited Zhigan, compromising her will. Both women’s love affairs end in vain, leaving themselves caring for each other in a most ambiguous relationship…
鳳冠情事 Breaking the Willow
Hong Kong 2003 Color 35mm 95'
台北8/13(六) 19:30 8/20(六)14:30
In Breaking the Willow, tells the story of two Chinese women, of different dynasty & society, their personal link to a bejeweled Phoenix Tierra. Cui, a woman of humble background, who divorce her husband to marry again for comfort, who dreams her husband will gain title and bring the official Phoenix Tierra to honor her. One day her dream come true but is too late. Hsiao Yu, a beautiful songstress from a royal decent of the past dynasty, meets the First Scholar and falls in love. The day after their wedding, the husband is called for the frontier. The fallen Princess wears her Phoenix Tierra to bid him fare well poetry.
時代印痕Signs of the times
馬路天使 Angels In The Street
導演:袁牧之 音樂:賀綠汀
China 1937 B&W DVD 93’
The film portrays the lives of the underprivileged in the pre-war Shanghai in 30s. A poor young man Shao Peng falls in love with his neighbour, Siao Hung. But a local tyrant has also set his eyes on her. Siao Hung runs away with Shao Peng and they get married. Her sister is killed for helping Siao Hung to escape. Director Yuan recreates the turbulent atmosphere of the period as well as the psychology of the underprivileged.
導演:李行、方霞、田豐 音樂:周藍萍
Taiwan 1959 B &W 35mm 155’
王哥與柳哥二人情同手足。一日,返家途中巧遇算命先生,算命先生斷定王哥必於三日內發一筆橫財;而柳哥則於四十四日之後,必死無疑。三日後王哥果然中了愛國獎卷。當眾人在欣喜之餘,柳哥卻悶悶不樂。因為算命先生的話果然應驗了,那麼柳哥就很有可能死於四十四天之後。王哥不忍見柳哥悲傷,於是接受建議,和柳哥二人相偕暢遊台灣名勝古蹟 。
Wang and Liu are the best buddies. One day, they meet a fortune-teller, who tells them that Wang will hit the jackpot in three days and Liu will surely die 44 days later. The prediction come true three days later. Everyone is exhilarated except Liu, for this means he will very likely die as well. Therefore Wang and Liu decide to make the best of the remaining days and take to the road for a trip around Taiwan.
西施 Hsih-Shih, Beauty of Beauties
導演:李翰祥 音樂:周藍萍
Taiwan 1965 Color 35mm 220’ 155分鐘
The film is based on the historical figure King Gou Jian and his ten-year struggle for revenge. Furthermore, the famous beautiful spy Xi Shi and her repressed affection for General Fan Li also get detailed depiction in the film. This is a one-of-a-kind historical production in the Chinese film history, keeping a fine balance between facts and fiction, with several famous historical episodes represented in vivid details.
藍與黑 The Blue and the Black
導演:陶秦 音樂:王福齡
Hong Kong 1966 Color 35mm 117’
台北8/14(日)17:00 8/19(五)12:00 8/25(四)22:00
Often described as Hong Kong's response to Gone With the Wind, this two-part epic, set during the tumultuous years of World War II, won Best Picture at the 1966 Asian Film Festival - months after its luminous star, Linda Lin Dai, had committed suicide. Her poignant performance is immortal, however, as is that of newcomer Angela Yu Chien, who was named Best Supporting Actress. Part I ends with a literal cliffhanger, setting the stage for the equally memorable Part II.
小城故事 The Story of a Small Town
導演:李行 音樂:翁清溪
Taiwan 1979 Color 35mm 90’
台北8/18(四)12:00 8/25(四)17:00
Wenxiong served three years in the prison for he revenged his sister, who was bullied by her husband. Once out of prison, Wenxiong becomes the assistant to the woodcarver Lai, with whose mute daughter--Xiu--Wenxiong also forms a certain attachment. Wenxiong’s ex-girlfriend then comes along and Lai isn’t too happy about this; he drives Wenxiong away for his daughter’s protection.
滾滾紅塵 Red Dust
導演:嚴浩 音樂:史擷詠
Hong Kong 1990 Color 35mm 94’
台北8/17(三)22:00 8/25(四)19:30
The story is stretching across the canvas of the Sino-Japanese War of the 30s, the subsequent Japanese surrender in 1945, and the onslaught of Communism. This film depicts an ill-fated romance between a talented lady novelist and a Chinese traitor working with the Japanese who fall victim to the mayhem of war and their tragic inability to reconcile political differences.
五個女子和一根繩子 Five Girls and a Rope
導演:葉鴻偉 音樂:趙季平
Hong Kong 1991Color 35mm 110’
台北8/17(三)14:30 8/26(五)12:00
Five girls grow up in a poor village. They share a strong will to live, but begin to realize that women in their village dare not pursue their own happiness. One of the girls, Ming-t'ao is singled out for an arranged marriage. Faced with family and social pressures she and her four friends decide to improve their fates by escaping to a mythical "garden."
沙河悲歌 Lament of the Sand River
導演:張志勇 音樂:翁清溪
演員:黃耀農、蕭淑慎、柯一正 蔡振南
Taiwan 2000 Color 35mm 98’
Bun-liong is a gentle, quiet young man whose only desire in life is to play his music.
The movie alternates between scenes of his life traveling with a Taiwanese opera troupe and of each of his troubled visits to the village of his childhood by the Sand River. The story weaves a complex tapestry of a tragic life beginning in a destitute family and culminating in a failed marriage and the heartbreak of unrequited love.
歌舞風情Dance to the music
桃花江 Songs of the Peach Blossom River
導演:張善琨、王天林 音樂:姚敏
Hong Kong 1955 B&W 35mm 86’
台北8/16(二)12:00 8/18(四)14:30
Zhong Qing plays a country girl with a talent for singing. She is discovered by Luo Wei, who is in the country collecting folk songs, and they record quite a few songs together. Then the war breaks out, and Zhong Qing escapes to Hong Kong, where she finds her songs have become popular and Luo Wei becomes a businessman in the music industry. Zhong Qing is reunited with Chen Huo in a concert, and everything ends happily.
採西瓜的姑娘 Sweet as a Melon
導演:姜南 音樂:姚敏
Hong Kong 1956 B&W 92’
台北8/18(四)17:00 8/23(二)14:30
In a country known for its watermelons, Jin Fong comes back home with the latest knowledge of growing watermelons. He sings and frolics with his childhood sweetheart Zhong Qing, which makes the widow in love with Jin Fong and the duck dealer lusting for Zhong Qing burning with jealousy. The latter two scheme to break them apart, only to find the opposite result.
歌迷小姐 Miss Songbird
Hong Kong 1959 B&W 35mm 84’
台北8/18(四)19:30 8/26(五)14:30
Hui-lan is a student of Music College and loves to sing. One day, Yi-fan, a painter, who follows Hui-lan. And she is very angry about him. Suddenly Yi-fan rescues Hui-lan when someone tries to lay a finger on her. Finally, Hui-lan accepts the idea of being model for Yi-fan. In the meanwhile, Yi-fan also introduces a famous singer to teach Hui-lan the trick of singing. After the training, Hui-lan becomes famous at a singing contest.
香江花月夜 Hong Kong Nocturne
導演:井上梅次 音樂:服部良一
Hong Kong 1967 Color 35mm 123’
台北8/16(二)19:30 8/21(日)14:30 8/24(三)17:00
The tale of a female trio singing and dancing their way to happiness is internationally universal, and here the shaw Brothers Studio gives the great Hollywood musicals a run for their money thanks to a famed Japanese director and three of Shaw's most charismatic stars. This joyous, raucous, and colorful tunefest also showcases celebrated kung-fu swordswoman Cheng Pei-Pei as the dancer she trained and always wanted, to be.
實驗創新Innovate and reinvent
喜怒哀樂 Joy Anger Sadness Happiness
Taiwan 1970 Color Betacam 145’
台北8/16(二)14:30 8/23(二)19:30
Four separate stories by four separate directors make up this feature from Taiwan. These tales are recounted in a highly stylized, classical Chinese manner. The first story tells of ghosts, grave-robbers and the rewards for doing a good deed. The second reveals the fate of some larcenous inn-keepers. The third tells a tragic tale of frustrated vengeance. The last concerns a fisherman and ghosts or mirages.
絕地反擊 Striking Back
導演:符昌鋒 音樂:史擷詠
Taiwan 1996 Color 35mm 90’ 
台北8/19(五)19:30 8/21(日)17:00
A group of talented young men with fanciful notions form a film studio. However, after years of bad business, caught between lost ideals and reality, they decide to condescend to the market and make a kitschy action movie in the Hollywood fashion. In the meanwhile, every one of them attempt to find their own reflections in the filming process, therefore creating a pandemonium of contesting creativities both inside and outside the film they are making.
藍月 Blue Moon
Taiwan 1997 Color 35mm 99’
台北8/20(六)19:30 8/21(日)19:30
This film is structured in such a way that its five reels of footage can be projected in random sequences every time it is screened and the story will still make sense - the number of possible combinations adds up to 120 times; each time there is a different story, different rhythm and different atmosphere.
魔法阿媽 Grandma And Her Ghosts
導演:王小棣 音樂:史擷詠
Taiwan 1998 Color 35mm 80’
台北8/17(三)12:00 8/21(日)12:00
高雄9/1(四)19:00 9/4(日)19:00
The seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar is the ghost month. DouDou goes to stay with Grandma on the lunar 1st of July, the day the host gate is opened. Grandma performs Taoist ceremonies for the deceased and communicates with ghosts. One day, DouDou accidentally lets the devil out of an urn...
旖妮人生What a wonderful life
情人的眼淚 Melody of Love
導演:李行 音樂:姚敏
Taiwan 1969 Color 35mm 94’
台北8/19(五)17:00 8/24(三)12:00
After graduating from college, Kelun becomes addicted to the fast life and infatuated with the singer Cianni. Kelun’s father died in an airplane crash, and his distraught stepmother arranges for him to go abroad for advanced study, in the hope that his relationship with Cianni will thus end. Kelun, outraged, leaves home to live with Cianni, who now gives up the show business for him. The stepmother arranges the family friend Meining to approach Kelun. Cianni knows of their affair and decides to leave. .
原鄉人 China My Native Land
導演:李行 音樂:翁清溪
Taiwan 1980 Color 35mm 104’
台北8/17(三)19:30 8/19(五)14:30
Zhong Lihe ran away from home with his wife, for they shared the same family name, which was a strong taboo in Chinese culture. They did not return to Taiwan until years later. Though the going got tough, Zhong never gave up writing, and his wife supported him with unwavering love. In 1960, Zhong died with the pen in his hand and blood all over his manuscript. He was only 46 then. .
阿爸的情人 The Daughter-in-Law
導演:王獻篪 音樂:史擷詠
Taiwan 1995 Color 35mm 116’
台北8/16(二)17:00 8/24(三)14:30
由汪笨湖的小說《嬲》改編的電影,表現人的基本欲望與亂倫禁忌的問題。 阿爸,養子,媳婦之間纏繞著矛盾的衝突,阿爸趁養子當兵期間,用霸王硬上弓的方法佔有媳婦,事後不斷強調養子和媳婦都是用錢買來的,只要有錢,媳婦應該生下他的後代。無奈父子間只有社會意義上的親情,而無血緣的親情,雖然老婆在被阿爸佔有過之後仍然愛著丈夫,但養育之恩跟綠帽比起來也是微不足道,父子最後只有分道揚鑣。為原本就是一個複雜而美麗的錯誤,更加添一份哀愁。
It is a pas-de-trios love story involving a Taiwanese war veteran-Ah Dee, his adopted son, Spring, and his daughter in law, Tangerine. When spring leaves for military service, Ah Dee falls into a hopeless love with Tangerine, in a tale rich with dreams and nightmares and strange ironies of hates and love. As a result, his identity as a man could neither be found in the past nor in the future? This story reflects ironically the identity crisis of Taiwanese under Japanese rule as well as their suppression of desires.